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Catch-Up Part 1: Sengakuji, bentoo workshop, Tokyo Hike

Posted by Shaun

On my way home from the Immigration Office to apply for permission to work a part time job on my student visa, I stopped at Sengakuji, the temple that has the graves of the Forty-Seven Ronin. I'm bad at explaining the story, so you can read it here.
The English brochure was probably the best 10 yen I've spent, partly because you just can't get things for 10 yen, and partly because it was actually a very informative brochure. I didn't know much about the history or the Chuushingura story, so it was very helpful.

Statue of the leader of the revenge plot

Some of the graves

That same day, I went to a kyaraben (character lunch box, from character bentoo) workshop at the Cookpad office.
I made a Pikachu lunch, some healthy meatballs, sunflowers made out of little weenies, and flowers made out of cherry tomatoes. It was a little awkward because I was the only person who signed up for the workshop, but I got to talk to the Cookpad staff, and that was fun.
The bentoo itself wasn't actually that hard to make, but I didn't have to make the thin omelet that I wrapped around the rice balls that made up Pikachu's face and ears.
Meat balls and the one flower that didn't fit in the box
Pikachu lunch. One of the employees called Pikachu's face 情けない, "hopeless/pitiful," but I'm not sure I agree?

Bad hair day, bad skin day and Pikachu.
That Sunday was the Tokyo Hike, where I walked 21km from Keio University to Waseda University. It was tiring, but I met some nice people. We had a lot of fun talking, so it didn't seem that long.

In front of Tokyo Tower
Hello Kitty tour bus and police car in front of the Diet Building

Surprising amount of food for the 500 yen Hike registration fee. And they had extras!
Me and the Waseda mascot, the Big Bear (Ookuma) before the Hike ending ceremony.
Tokyo Hanabi dance club and a tap-dancing club I forgot the name of, join one of the Ouendan (Japanese-style male cheerleading) members in cheering us on for our hard work at the Tokyo Hike

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  1. Laurie says:

    I think your pikachu is adorable. Wasn't it hard to eat him? Although it looked delicious!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I loved your Pikachu as well. So many details for food! How long can you admire it before you have to eat it! I am so jealous of all the sushi you get to eat. I can't imagine getting sushi for lunch for a registration fee! Eat some for me!
    Now what is that Diet Building all about??! :)
    Love you, Shaun
    From your Aunt Jody ...I can't figure out this profile thing...so I will be anonymous.....!

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