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Response to comments

Posted by Shaun

In response to questions my aunt asked:
1) The eclair in this post was pretty good. It was a lot of chocolate. The cream puff is better, but it's way too much cream for me.
2) There actually is a drinking age in Japan. You become an adult at 20 in Japan, so you're then considered a legal adult, you can get a driver's license, and you can buy alcohol. The practice of "carding" people is not nearly as intense in Japan as it is in the US. I know a lot of 18-19 year-old Japanese people who regularly go out and drink and don't "get caught." You can also buy beer from vending machines, where there's no one to card you. So it's pretty easy to drink underage in Japan.

Expect a big catch-up post sooner or later. I should probably get it typed up before I head off to my cultural practicum in Minakami on Wednesday, since I'm not sure if I'll have internet there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like your Aunt is interested in alcohol and sweets consumption. It always has been a focus for her! ha, ha! At some point will you share with us about the establishments you can go to where you pay a certain amount and then have like a two hour window to drink as much as you care to?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I left my last comment, it asked me to prove that I am not a robot by typing in the word 'roundi'. Does that really prove that I am not a robot? I am not a robot, but I don't really see how typing in a word proves anything of the sort. I am going to stop typing lest I begin to convince you that I actually am a robot!

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