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I have stuff to write about, and hopefully I'll be able to get around to writing some more soon.
As a sort of place-holder, I'm going to share the playlist of music I made myself the other day when I was thinking about my study abroad struggles. It's a mix of Japanese and English music that's a bit about loneliness but I think it has an optimistic side too. (I promise I'm not lonely all the time! Really!) These last two weeks, and the last few days in particular, I think I've made a lot of progress with my Japanese and my speaking confidence, and this is the sort of music that's spurred me on. None of these translations are mine, and I don't totally agree with all of them, but I'm too lazy and unskilled to do my own, so there you go. やっぱりアニメ歌ばっかり。。。ちょっとかっこうよくないね。。。(They're pretty much all anime songs... that's a little uncool, isn't it?) Also my formatting is embarrassing. Never show this to my digital media teachers from high school.

あたしの街、明日の街 by 高橋瞳
Atashi no Machi, Ashita no Machi (My Town, Tomorrow's Town) by Takahashi Hitomi

yuraganai to kimeta no
sukoshi dake kowai kedo
mou maketari wa shinai yo

I've decided without wavering
It's a little scary, but
I won't be defeated anymore

sutete shimae  kirai na atashi
sunao ni naritai dake
sono saki de  aitai
mita koto no nai  atashi

I'll throw it away, the me I hate
I only want to become honest
I want to meet my future self
A me I've never seen

sayonara  daisuki na machi
zutto issho datta keredo
kitto mata aeru yo ne

Good bye, my beloved town
We've always been so close, but
We'll surely meet again
Full lyrics

Lost My Music by 平野綾
Hirano Aya

daisuki na hito ga tooi
toosugite nakitaku naru no
ashita me ga sametara
hora kibou ga umareru kamo Good night!

The person I love is far away,
So far that I'm almost crying.
When I open my eyes and wake up tomorrow,
A new hope will perhaps be born, Good night!
Full Lyrics

上を向いて歩こう by 坂本九
Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou - I Will Walk While Looking Up) by Sakamoto Kyu

Ue o muite arukou
Namida ga kobore nai you ni
Nakinagara aruku
Hitoribotchi no yoru
I look up as I walk
So that the tears won't fall
Though the tears well up as I walk
For tonight I'm all alone
Full Lyrics

Big Strong Girl by Deb Talan
I can't find a YouTube video for this song for some reason.

it's not now or never
it's not black & it's not white
anything worth anything
takes more than a few days
& a long, long night

don't push so hard against the world
you can't do it all alone
& if you could, would you really want to?
even though you're a big strong girl,
come on, come on, lay it down
the best made plans
come on, come on, lay it down
are your open hands

Full Lyrics

A Little Pain by OLIVIA
Tsuyoku naru tame
Wasureta egao
Kitto futari nara torimodosu

* Kizuite
I'm here waiting for you
Ima to wa chigau mirai ga atte mo
I'm here waiting for you
Sakebi tsuzukete
Kitto kokoro wa
Tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
Ano koro no watashi
Me wo samasu you ni
No need to cry

In order to become strong
I have to remember how to smile
If we're together, I can do it

* Realize that...
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is different from now
I'm here waiting for you
I keep on shouting
I'm sure all I have to do
Is pull in the thread that connects our hearts
So the person I was back then
Would open her eyes
No need to cry
Full lyrics

Hey My Friend by Tommy Heavenly6

Hey my friend
naze darou anata no koe ga kikoeru
Hello my self
michibikareru you ni mieta mirai ga aru no
dakedo fumihazusu michi ga chikaku ni aru nara
nee my friend
anata ga kidzuita toki ni wa oshiete
Hey my friend
I wonder why I can hear your voice
Hello my self
In order to be guided, there's a future that's visible
But, if a stray path is close by,
hey my friend
tell me when you realize it
Full Lyric


mou dou nattatte ii  kakkou warukutatte ii
shinimonogurui de mirai o kaete yaru
dou shitatte  kaerenai unmei da to iwarete mo
mada ore wa kawareru  jibun de kaete miseru
I don't care how things turn out, and I don't care if I'll look uncool,
I will desperately try to change my future.
Even If I'm told that my destiny is immutable no matter what I do,
I myself can still change, and I will prove to you that I can change myself.
kore ga  sou "PURAIDO" sorezore no basho de...
This is, that's right, "pride", each in its own place...
madamada kieruna  kokoro no hi o
mada wasuretakunai  mune no atsusa o
madamada kieruna  kokoro no hi o
madamada ikeru zo  ikeru zo

Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I can still keep going, so here I go!
Full Lyrics

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  1. Shaun says:

    The title for the last song, "Core Pride," won't go where I want it to, and I'm sick of editing it, so this is what you get.

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