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Posted by Shaun

From Molly:
Lovely photos! I have to say, that giant gold dolphin is one of the coolest things! And it's so wild that you saw a MO license plate in Japan! But other than that that restaurant experience sounds so bad :(((

What's a Romance Car train? 

Yeah, I'm telling myself to swear off eating in Shibuya for the time being. That's the second time I've gotten really tiny, not that delicious food there. We were a huge party, too. Twenty people. So some of us never got their food. And it was really hard to order because the music was too loud and we were way too close to the other tables for the waitress to walk around the table. Grr.

As for Romance Cars, I had to read up on this on Wikipedia. Apparently the name originated from the two person "love-seat style" seats, as opposed to one person seats.
Since this one goes from Tokyo to Hakone, which is really scenic, with a nice view of Mt. Fuji, and close enough to do a day trip, a lot of people probably use it for dates. Plus getting to take a train through the nice scenery is kinda romantic in the "romantic period" sense, isn't it?

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